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WASHINGTON, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Tuesday he had no plan to change his temperament as the bellicose New Yorker was grappling with his sagging poll numbers following recent feud with a family of a fallen Muslim American soldier and leaders within his own party.

"I think that my temperament has gotten me here," said Trump in an interview with Fox Business Network. "I've always had a good temperament and it's gotten me here. We beat a lot of people in the primaries and now we have one person left, and we're actually doing pretty well there, but we'll see how it all comes out."

Rupture between Trump and the Republican leadership resurfaced after Trump derisively answered criticism from Khizr Khan, the father of the solider killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq.

During the Democratic National Convention held late July, Khan blasted Trump for his divisive remarks and proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country and divisive tone and implored voters to vote for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee.

Trump responded. Cheap Hoodies Cheap Shirts Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Wholesale Baseball Jerseys

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