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by Raimundo Urrechaga

HAVANA, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- On the day Fidel Castro turns 90 years old on Saturday, Cubans are remembering their revolutionary leader's historical legacy and significance for more than half a century during which he led major social and economic changes.

Out of the public eye since 2006, Castro has become for Cubans a symbol of resistance, as well as the main architect of achievements in various fields for the benefit of the majority.

A special edition of the Communist party newspaper Granma came out on Saturday dedicated to the former president, along with his article titled ""The Birthday"", in which he expresses gratitude for all the wishes and gifts he has received for the occasion.

""Fidel created a clear mark between the Cuba after him and that before him. He will be greatly remembered in the history of Cuba for leading so many projects in different fields, such as the arts, sciences, technology. Everywhere in Cuba, the driving and inspiring hand of Fidel is felt,"" Roberto Valera, a musician and composer, told Xinhua.

To commemorate his birthday, cultural and recreational activities are being held throughout the country, although it is not known if Castro will make a public appearance.

For the young, Fidel's ideas must endure in the future despite economic and social changes taking place in this Caribbean country over the last five years.

""Today, he is an inspiration, I think that is the main message on the 90th birthday of Fidel, that he is an inspiration for young people to follow his example and his legacy,"" said Sergio Guerra, a young Cuban worker.

On the streets of Havana, banners and billboards with images of Fidel highlight his 90th anniversary.

""Millions of Cubans are very grateful for having him as he is always encouraging young people. There is no other leader like that around the world, with his flaws and many virtues,"" said Giselle Bernardez, a Cuban state worker.

Tributes to Castro have filled up around Cuba, ranging from the conventional, such as photo exhibits about his life, to the unusual, with one cigar maker rolling the longest cigar in the world, measuring 90 meters, in Castro's honor.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro flew in early Saturday to spend the day with Castro and his family. He also brought over 50 traditional Venezuelan folk singers who will offer a concert on Sunday to honor the leader.

Born on Aug. 13, 1926 in the estate of his father, a Spanish immigrant, Fidel Castro grew up in the Cuban countryside, before being sent to study with the Jesuits and later to the University of Havana.

He led the revolution that overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1959, and faced up to the U.S. by building a socialist model that marked the history of the 20th century in Latin America and other developing countries.

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