Seahawks on tape: Why Russell Wilson didn’t keep on the read-option

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It’s getting rather trendy to criticize Brian Schottenheimer. Now Authentic J.R. Sweezy Jersey , the word “trendy” is something your grandparents might say—or at least my English grandparents (sorry Grandma and Granddad)—but you can’t deny “blame Schottenheimer” is in vogue. There are indeed valid criticisms of Schottenheimer. Heck, I’ve pointed out his worrisome early flaws in previous iterations of Seahawks on tape. Yet to blame him for Russell Wilson not keeping the ball on read-options is nonsensical. Maybe I’ve spent too much time on Twitter because of my job. But the app is slowly becoming a sadly necessary evil; a cesspit of false narrative and misinformation. You’ll find snarky jokes feeding incorrect viewpoints. You’ll find endless dogma. You’ll find little truth. Hence there were people full of snark asking why Schottenheimer didn’t call read-option keepers and other such “LOLZ.”(Sometimes there’s great discussion plus content; I’m grateful for that.)Here are the facts. Though Schottenheimer can suggest Wilson hands the football off in certain scenarios, the very definition of a read-option is that the quarterback is making the decision at the mesh point. The idea of the play is often to remove a defender from the run fit by reading him. In Seattle’s case, that is an end man on the line of scrimmage (EMLOS)—a defender who is left unblocked. There is no need to waste a blocker on him. Wilson reads him. If he stays outside, Wilson will hand off to his running back. If he crashes inside, Wilson will keep the football. Simple. Consequently, this run gives you an extra player in the box count. Now, with my curmudgeonly explanation over with and the responsibility established firmly away from Schottenheimer, time to get to what matters. Having felt the Seahawks’ offense had nearly emptied its metaphorical chamber of bullets in the fourth quarter against the Los Angeles Rams, I felt the last shot might be the read-option keeper. I saw reasonable people questioning why Wilson wasn’t keeping the football, because there appeared to be caverns of room outside following the hand-off.Wilson’s hamstringOne theory was that Wilson’s hamstring injury—something that haunts the injury report like the grim reaper himself—was affecting his decision making. Wilson has looked uncomfortable in games. Against the Rams, it was particularly noticeable early on. Perhaps his hamstring still needed to loosen up a little? Observe this awkward, slow, galloping style of escape with 12:04 left in the first quarter: Wilson’s mobility appeared more normal as the game progressed, his moving up in the pocket to find Tyler Lockett and his rolling out to hit David Moore standing out. Still, the worries were tangible. My colleague John Fraley, who was at CenturyLink Field, messaged me following the action: I responded with this: The tape agreed and so did Pete Carroll: Wilson’s givesSince Robert Griffin III took the unimaginative league by storm running simple read-options, teams have been forced to find better ways of dealing with it. There’s been Green Bay Packers versus Colin Kaepernick-style implosions, but most defensive coordinators now have a clear, consistent plan for the read-option.Los Angeles was no exception last Sunday. They frequently designated an EDGE player to contain the play on the keep side. Unblocked or not, his primary run assignment was to stop the quarterback keeper. After the handoff, it did indeed look like Wilson had acres to run into. Yet Authentic Bobby Wagner Jersey , that’s because the defense focuses on the ball following the give. Instead, if you look at the mesh point and read moment, there was a guy waiting for him each time. My charting shows that out of the 20 read-option plays Seattle ran, 17 gave Wilson clear give reads. Yes, 85% of all read-option plays told Wilson to hand the ball off. (They ran 13 inside zones, 2 outside zones, 1 pin pull and 1 tackle wrap.) False narratives鈥n some of these cut-ups, the Seahawks don’t leave a line of scrimmage defender unblocked; therefore, you can debate how genuine Wilson’s read is. (There could be so many other reasons for this, such as the landmark of a tight end influencing blocking rules.) Still, even on these plays, the Rams have their EMLOS attack firmly outside-in—to play the quarterback keeper first. Wilson’s potential keepsThe three plays where Wilson could have read keep aren’t as clear-cut as the give examples. Getting pounded on the ground led to L.A. changing a few things up. These all come late in the game. The first clip has the EDGE defender with his outside arm free, and there is a box safety ready to fill too. The second video Wilson switches the side of the run because he spots a favorable alignment for Chris Carson. Realistically, keeping the ball would pass this created opportunity up, plus the Rams are muddying the situation again with a box safety assigned to Wilson. The final run might be the clearest keep opportunity, though once more there is the same box safety read to scrape to the keeper.Speed inside zoneSeattle’s multiplicity in the run game is refreshing this season. Featuring a diverse gap and zone scheme that plays to their talents has unsurprisingly proved effective. One nice concept is the speed inside zone, which could be mistaken for a read option.However, this is very much a “run to the running back with eyes away from the line of scrimmage, put the ball in his belly and get the hell out the way” play. There’s no read here. The advantage of this style of handoff is that it’s a way to get bootleg-ish action from a shotgun formation.It’s clearly not a read from Wilson though. That said, once more L.A.’s designated backside player stays disciplined for the keeper.Thanks Mike SolariIt’s important to remember this: just because Wilson didn’t run the ball, doesn’t make the run game any less effective. If you go back and look at some of the examples, the threat of the keeper created oodles of room for the backs and eased the offensive line’s task. The dangers of Wilson’s legs are something that should be attached to any pistol or shotgun run.Averaging 5.9 yards per carry and rushing for 190 yards in total against an all-star defense—albeit one that emphasizes stopping the pass first—was massively aided by the read-option give.A wider observation of the run scheme is that the blocking rules seem smarter and less plug-and-play than the days of Tom Cable. The Seahawks adapt on a front-by-front basis more often. For example, the play-side blocker adding to a combo before oozing on to the next level. It often feels like zone with gap principles. So: thank you to Mike Solari and thank you to Wilson for making the correct read. And please Authentic Doug Baldwin Jersey , if people are going to knock Schottenheimer, at least make it a valid concern rather than an area of overall praise for the offense.49ers offense suffers big blow, as Jerick McKinnon is out for the season The San Francisco 49ers are a trendy pick to reach the playoffs as a wild card team, with many analysts favoring them to finish above the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC West standings.Unfortunately for Kyle Shanahan’s group, the rebuilt offense received some unexpected and heavily damaging bad news. Running back Jerick McKinnon tore his ACL on the final play of practice on Saturday, and his season is over. McKinnon was signed to a four-year, $30 million deal this offseason, coming over from the Minnesota Vikings, whom the 49ers play in Minneapolis next Sunday, so Jerick will not play against his former team.San Francisco intended to make McKinnon the starter, and he would’ve been an interesting player to watch in Shanahan’s offense, given his love for using running backs in the passing game matched McKinnon’s versatility. With McKinnon out, the 49ers will turn to Matt Breida, who himself has just been cleared to return to the field after a shoulder injury in the team’s preseason opener. Breida rushed for 465 yards on 105 carries in his rookie season, as well as 21 catches for 180 yards and 3 total touchdowns.Behind Breida on the depth chart is the veteran Alfred Morris, who racked up 547 yards on just 115 carries in Dallas last season, but dating back to his days in Washington, is a total non-entity in the passing game. Shanahan should know that, seeing as he coached him from 2012-2013.With Week 1 literally a week away, the 49ers offense will have to undergo some significant tweaks following the loss of one of its projected key contributors.

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