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The geography knowledge of middle school is wide-ranging. For beginners, a large number of geographical concepts, laws, and features are often difficult to distinguish and master. In practice, the author realizes that comparative law can help students master new knowledge, review and consolidate old knowledge, and form a unified knowledge system before and after Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes. The following examples illustrate several forms of comparative law used in teaching: 1. Contrast method: juxtapose several separate geographical things or phenomena separately. Understand the personality and commonality between them. Let students master all the knowledge and understand their own characteristics. For example, when talking about "five basic terrains", one should make full use of various topographic maps, so that students can consolidate their knowledge on the map; Contrast method, which helps students understand and remember:borrowing ratio method: In the teaching Wholesale Cigarette, we often encounter some abstract geographical things or phenomena. In order to enable students to understand, it is difficult to achieve results by simple language expression, if we borrow some phenomena from our daily life. Metaphors can make abstract geographical objects or phenomena concrete, visual, and simplistic. For example, the book is subjected to extrusion deformation to explain the cause of the formation of the wrinkles Cigarettes Wholesale Online. Another example: when talking about an earthquake, you can use the relationship between the explosive power and the lethality of the bomb to explain and guide. These abstract and incomprehensible knowledge can be used to tell students' interest, and then a simple explanation, the students will listen. Clear and easy to digest.nalogy: In the junior high school textbooks, some teaching content has different degrees of similarity. At this time, you can learn new knowledge with the help of previously learned content. For example, when speaking about the UK, teachers can compare with Japan through the list to achieve the purpose of ��seeking common ground while reserving differences��ou give me three days of light," is this book that describes Helen? Keller��s childhood has grown from a bad luck caused by high fever to a speech after graduating from Harvard University. She tells people with love: reading, making the heart full and full. she was a child, Helen was a smart and lively little girl. She was much more awkward than the average child. It is a pity that this dream is not long, the happy time always ends too fast, and a high fever takes away Kyle's hearing and vision Newport Cigarettes Carton Wholesale. For those who can see and hear, it is a life that is not as good as death!arrival of Anne Sullivan��s teacher changed the fate of Helen Keller��s life! Teacher Sullivan taught Keller to use his hand to express his language. She continues to pay for Helen selflessly, helping her to study at Harvard University, taking her around, visiting celebrities, and attending various speeches. Helen Keller is a person who lives in the dark but brings light to people. A woman who spent 88 years in the spring and autumn, but survived the lonely years of 87 years of dull, silent. And it is such a woman, with her amazing perseverance, graduated from a healthy person is hard to pursue Harvard University! And with the power of life, running around, creating a charity, helping a lot of disabled people. She not only proved the courage of mankind to overcome her destiny, but also recorded her own experience and inspired future generations.r reading this book that inspired us to forge ahead, my heart was deeply touched. The spirit of mankind far exceeds the limits of time and space. Love and courage are the foundation of our existence no matter what era. Physical disabilities are not terrible. The terrible en Keller��s story and her spirit shocked me. At the same time, I am also very ashamed of my weakness and retreat. I believe that under the enlightenment and encouragement of Helen Keller's deeds, I will never yield to misfortune and pain Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, and will bravely challenge my destiny. How many years have passed in life, we are so lucky, have a good life: a pair of sharp eyes, sharp ears, a good learning environment...

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