Sustainable development in India needs more concise

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India is a great country Cheap Maxime Gonalons Jersey , endowed with opulence of natural resources; but there is still dearth of serious effort in attaining a sustainable growth path that will lead us to self-reliance.

Self reliance is a way of life that makes an economy to survive on its own, relying on its human capital and natural resources by creating a complete ecology that nurtures means to achieve sustainability. There is now growing consciousness in exploiting natural resources in more responsible manner.

Sustainability practices aren’t new to India. Gandhian economy was based on the rules of creating local independent economy supported by local resources and talents. The traditional society of Apatani tribe, living in the highlands of Arunachal Pradesh in India, has been practicing energy saving and economically efficient agricultural ecosystem based on the principals of sustainability for centuries.

Sustainable development in India needs more concise approach and collaboration between every unit of the society to achieve greater good. Growing a breed of socially responsible corporate is one approach to the problem.

Corporate social responsibility or CSR describes action of a corporate towards betterment of a society as a whole through voluntary involvement in social and environmental development to mitigate issues arising from its product, service or operations. A general view towards corporate social responsibility is that corporation must involve themselves in improving social and environmental conditions of the place they belong, firstly, because they are higher consumers of natural resources and energy and secondly Cheap Marco Tumminello Jersey , that is the right thing to do.

There is a conscious effort from the government to make corporate more socially responsible in India. The effort was clear in Company Bill 2012, which proposed corporate to spend 2% of their profit after tax towards achieving greater goals in the society such as – education, health, infrastructure and environmental conservation. But passing mandate is only a scratch on the surface. Sincere efforts must come from within – from deeply held conviction of the corporate towards society. It rather needs overall encouragement through supportive policies by the government.

Sustainable development is a requirement of time. Thinkers and environmentalists had long been warning us against negative effects that we are causing through irresponsible usage of finite but essential natural resources. There is now a rising demand for controlling our ecological footprint.

However, the effort must come from engrained philosophy of an organization. Coercion and compliance can’t create a sustainable development model but an approach of collaboration and support can. Both business and government must look towards creating a platform of collaboration and dialogue through which the common goal of sustainable development in India is to be achieved.
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