Since the onset of the earthquake swarm a

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by Wang Haiqing

TOKYO, March 24 (Xinhua) -- Some members of the expert panel tasked to draft the Abe Statement to mark the end of WWII have revealed their absurd conception of history when they expressed doubt whether what Japanese troops did during the war should be described as aggression.

According to a report by the Kyodo News, the experts had a heated debate during their second panel meeting over whether to use the word "aggression" in the document as the landmark Murayama Statement did 20 years ago.

As if dictated by those long-time non-believers of Japan's wartime atrocities, some argued that the word "is not clearly defined in international law," and suggested it might not be appropriate to determine that "the war was an act of aggression based on present values."

Such sophistries are indeed outrageous as it is universally recognized that Japan committed heinous aggression against China and several other countries during WWII.

The revisionist tendency shown by these experts is also appalling since it once again exposed Japan's failure to squarely face up its wartime history, almost 70 years after the war ended.

Such attempts to deny or mitigate Japan's atrocities in WWII have undermined trust between Japan and its neighbors, and if unchecked, could further damage Tokyo's relations with these nations.

As a three-time prime minister for Japan, Shinzo Abe knows exactly how the war history issue could weigh on the country's foreign relations. Yet in the lead up to the 70th anniversary of the end of the war, he has made various remarks fueling concern that he may seek to blur the picture of history and water down Japan's guilt for its war-time crimes.

To be a responsible political leader, he should at least resist the urge to do so as history may repeat itself unless lessons are learned.

He should also be reminded that if he acts otherwise, the recent efforts by China and South Korea to repair frayed ties with Japan would be as well squandered.

There is also a message of caution for Washington, as it prepares to give Abe a "grandiose" welcome for his week-long official visit to the United States: however close the alliance between the two countries is, Washington should ensure that Japan poses no threat to the post-war world order.

REYKJAVIK, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- A 5.3 magnitude earthquake occurred Sunday morning near the Bardarbunga caldera, the strongest ever measured since the onset of the seismic crisis at Bardarbunga volcano, according to the Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO).

The IMO said the 5.3 magnitude earthquake at 5 km depth was measured at Bardarbunga caldera at 0009 GMT on Sunday. Its origin was at the northern rim of the caldera.

Another large earthquake of magnitude about 5, originated at the southern rim of the Bardarbunga caldera rim, occurred at 0533 GMT.

The IMO said, earthquakes near the Bardarbunga caldera were a consequence of adjustment to changes in pressure because of the flow of magma from under the caldera into the dyke which stretched to Dyngjujokull, more than 25 km away. But no signs of tremor or indicative of eruption were detected during the night.

Since a small sub-glacial lava-eruption was detected under the Dyngjujokull on Saturday, the IMO raised the aviation color code from orange to red. A 140 by 100 nautical miles no fly-zone was ordered over the eruption site.

The Icelandair, the biggest airline company in Iceland, said in a statement on Sunday, there was no flight disruption at this stage. They were closely monitoring the situation and would advise of any schedule changes if necessary.

Bardarbunga volcano, located under the 800-meter-thick Vatnajokull glacier, is Iceland's second highest mountain at 2,000 meters above sea level and also one of the most dangerous volcanoes.

Since the onset of the earthquake swarm at Bardarbunga on last Saturday morning, thousands of earthquakes have been detected around that area.

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