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Arthritis sufferers look for pain relief where ever they can find it. There are two exercises that can offer pain relief and the benefits of muscle strengthening to any age group. Both are low impact Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys , low stress exercises and can be done in your Santa Cruz home. What are these wonder exercises you ask? Swimming and Tai Chi. Both offer a low impact way to strengthen muscles and tendons without putting stress on your joints.

Tai Chi for arthritis

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art form that has become recognized for its health benefits. There are several things that Tai Chi improves through its slow movements and concentration:
? overall physical condition
? muscle strength
? coordination
? flexibility
? balance
? pain levels and stiffness
? sleep disturbances
? general well being

The various movements of Tai Chi are designed to flow into the next. Posture, movement, concentration, and breathing are essential in Tai Chi.

Arthritis Care and Research did a study that showed Tai Chi could offer modest benefits to people with different forms of arthritis. This study looked at the results from seven different clinical tests. Tai Chi was the only treatment used for muscle and joint pain and it worked in all seven clinical trials.

You can do Tai Chi movements in your own Santa Cruz home once you have the basic moves down. To get started though, you may want to find out if the local YMCA has classes. It is fairly common for a Y to offer them.

Swimming for arthritis

Swimming gives your entire body a great workout. Since it is so low impact, any age group can do it. You do not have to swim vigorously to reap the benefits, either. A modest lap of the pool is better than the time spent on the couch. Swimming is also a social exercise. You may get to know the people who share the pool with you and make new friends near your Santa Cruz home.

Swimming offers several health benefits:
? overall physical condition
? muscle strength
? coordination
? flexibility
? pain levels and stiffness
? sleep disturbances
? general well being

You will notice that they are almost the same as Tai Chi. The buoyancy of the water carries your body weight and your heart rate stays lower than it does with other types of exercise. You won't have to go anywhere far from your Santa Cruz home to swim. If you are afraid that the ocean is too strong, there are treatment centers and family YMCA's around that offer senior swim times or water aerobics classes. Local pools such as the Simpkins Swim Center in Live Oak or the Harvey West pool in Santa Cruz can be home to these exercise classes, so check them out as well.

With both forms of exercise your will need to go through a stretching and warm up before you start. A pulled muscle is no fun and if you are already in constant pain, you do not want to add to it. There are many benefits to both types of exercises including that they can be done together and near your Santa Cruz home.

The United Kingdom is one of the premier kayaking destinations that attract kayakers from across the world. Being an archipelago, it has some of the best sea kayaking locations spread across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Also, there are several kayaking groups that further promote the sport. All these factors have made the kayaking scene very vibrant in UK.

Popular Kayaking Spots in UK

Although enthusiasts can enjoy whitewater kayaking in UK, its sea kayaking locations attract maximum paddlers. The beaches here offer perfect kayaking conditions and never fail to impress the paddlers with their scenic beauty.

South England: The southern part of England has some of the best sea kayaking locations suitable for recreational as well as expedition kayaking. Some of the most popular spots for recreational kayaking include Boscombe, West Beachlands bay at the Hayling Island, Seasalter Whitstable and Langstone.

Apart from these, there are other kayaking spots that have very big waves and are frequented by more experienced kayakers. These include the Seatown beach situated on the South Coast, Padstow and Peacehaven.

Midlands: The Midlands offer a very unique kayaking experience. The region comprises smaller and meandering waterways like canals that wind through not just the beautiful countryside but even through the cities. Kayaking through the city canals is great fun as it allows the paddlers to get an exceptional view of the city architecture. The Stoke Prior is one of the most popular kayaking locations as the canal winds through some of the most picturesque locales of rural Worcestershire.

Yorkshire: Although, Yorkshire too offers some great beach kayaking locations, it is also a hub for whitewater kayaking. Paddlers of all levels love to visit the inland rivers of Yorkshire for some thrilling experience on the rapids.

East Anglia: East Anglia especially attracts experienced whitewater kayakers as the region boasts of some large rivers with difficult rapids. The region also consists of several waterways that are rich in wildlife and a kayaking session on these waterways can be very rewarding for wildlife lovers.

Wales: Wales is an offbeat kayaking location blessed with pristine landscapes. There are many secret flatwater and whitewater spots that can suit kayakers of all levels. Some of the finest kayaking spots include Aberporth, Lake Vyrnwy and Sandy beach bay.

Scotland: Scotland is also a fantastic option for kayakers as it offers a range of locations. Paddlers can venture on the secret lochs, gushing rivers, charming canals and the vast sandy beaches.

Kayaking Clubs and Groups in UK

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