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Airsoft is perhaps one of the best military simulation sports. Thus Cheap Will Butcher Hat , it’s hardly surprising that today, the sport is procuring its diehard fans. Equally popular is paintball, but very few realize the superiority of airsoft over paintballs. For those in doubt, we state some ways in which airsoft supersedes the paintball games:-

More realistic game

Airsoft guns mimic real guns to such a great extent that all airsoft manufacturers are legally required to include a 6mm orange tip at the end of the barrel. This is done to distinguish it from the original firearm since they bear a strong resemblance to the original firearms with regards to their barrels, machinery, magazines, and accessories. This gives them a realistic game which is not possible with a paintball.

Better accuracy

Shooting with airsoft ammunition lends you with higher accuracy compared to shooting with paintball ammunition. This is because of airsoft BBs being much smaller in comparison to paintball pellets which makes them experience a lower wind resistance and thus they provide better accuracy. Another feature adding to the accuracy is their invisibility to their opponents due to their small size. In contrast, the players are able to visually see the larger paintball pellets coming towards them and can easily take preventive measures which decrease their hit percentage.

Airsoft skirmishes are more tactical

Tactics rule predominant in airsoft gun battles because of them being so close to real ones. Giving the feel of a real battlefield, it encourages the players to act strategically and think more intelligently to win a skirmish. With an airsoft gun, one can shoot large rounds of ammo quickly. This makes bum rushing opponents or any sloppy strategy from your side, the sure-shot way to get defeated. Thus, you have no option but to designate a chain of commands. This inevitable tactical and strategical aspect of the game adds a military simulation like reality edge to the game.

Greater usability of guns

Airsoft guns are available in numerous weights, right from 2 pounds to 6 pounds. Likewise, the ammo can vary from 0.12 grams to 0.28 grams though the most commonly used ammo is about 0.20 grams. In contrast, the lighter paintball guns are of about 5 pounds while the heavier models can be as heavy as 15 pounds. Because paintball guns are much heavier than the airsoft guns, it’s clumsier and less agile to handle them when compared to the lighter airsoft guns. Being lighter, they can also be easily carried around which contributes to their increased usability.

Airsoft guns are cheaper

The difference between the cost of a basic airsoft gun and its ammo and that of a starter paintball gun and its ammo is quite wide. Because of the huge cost difference, airsoft guns become a more popular choice.

Easy and less messy rounding up of a pickup game

The airsoft skirmish advantage wins hands down against the paintball skirmish as it’s far easier to get an airsoft game put together than a paintball game. An airsoft battle not only has fewer location restrictions, but it is also legal on private properties. Thus, one can easily plan a battle with a friend even in their vast backyard or a land. Again, airsoft game, being much cheaper, getting the people rallying to play is also easier. In contrast, owning to paint splatter, paintball game is much restricted.

Airsoft skirmishes have more defined and strategized roles

Airsoft skirmishes typically invite two teams and a detailed and strategized role for every single player of either team. Major roles include that of a team leader, tactical officer, recon, rifleman, sniper and heavy infantry and additional roles as per the field. In contrast, the paintball skirmish involves a chain of commands with a more flexible structure and more interpretation than an airsoft skirmish. Paintball teams normally have three classes, i.e. front-men, mid-players and back players. Being a more realistic game, airsoft battle demands more tactics, strategy and a defined chain of commands than paintball battles.

Thus, it’s little wonder why airsoft’s popularity is a rising trend.
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