Rule #3: Do not, under any circumstance employ audio surveillance

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For those of us that have a business or deal with the public Black Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , one thing is certain and that is that we will have to be forced in dealing with theft or vandalism. There are many different kinds of measures that we take to deal with this such as an alarm system or perhaps video surveillance, but in order to really be effective in catching a thief, there are a few basic simple rules that need to be observed.
This generally applies to business owners, however when you own and operate a business there is one big misconception. The misconception is that property theft is generally conducted by someone outside of your business organization. This is very far from the truth. One thing that is certain is that if you are having a problem with items disappearing Black Emmitt Smith Jersey , weather it is money from the cash register or if it is items located in or outside the office or store, it is from someone that personally knows you or works for you.
It is a very sad fact that those around you are stealing from you, but that is the cold hard fact. It is a more uncommon event in that someone just walks off the street and steals from you. Just consider that in the United States estimates show that internal theft amounts to $40 Billion in losses each year. If you are having problems with company theft, go ahead and just accept the fact that it is either done or assisted by one of your trusted employees. If your employees are not stealing from you in one way or another I would personally consider your organization to be very unique.

This poses the question of how do you catch them in the act? There are several ways you can do this Black Jason Witten Jersey , however there is a more effective means of accomplishing this. Simply installing security cameras alone will not accomplish this for you. If you and your employees can see the security cameras, then you will likely prevent theft and will not catch the original persons responsible. If you want to prevent internal theft, this will be good enough. However if you want to catch the person(s) responsible here are a few essential rules and steps to take that will get you on your way.

Rule #1: You cannot tell anyone what you are up to in your efforts to catch someone in the act. It’s just like the old saying goes, ” If two people know Black Dak Prescott Jersey , then it’s not a secret”. This is especially true when you are dealing with theft. You cannot, under any circumstance let your employees, managers or associated know that you are going to attempt to catch the perpetrators. If you let the proverbial cat out of the bag so to speak, then the gig is up and you will not succeed.

Rule #2: This is going to sound corny or something that is not within your abilities to achieve Black Ezekiel Elliott Jersey , but you must implement strict covert video surveillance. Utilizing covert video surveillance may sound like a far-out idea but let me tell you, law enforcement, cheating spouses and other sectors utilize covert video surveillance techniques on a daily basis. It is nothing new and technologically impossible to deal with.

Rule #3: Do not, under any circumstance employ audio surveillance. This means that you do not want to implement any microphones for recording conversations. The reason for this is that in most cases Chaz Green Jersey , the laws surrounding audio surveillance are very strict and not in the favor of the person implementing it. If you are bent on using a microphone in your covert surveillance efforts, by all means check with your local, state and federal laws. I cannot and will not advise you to use audio surveillance.

Now with these 3 rules in mind, it will not cost you more than $500 dollars to find the necessary covert surveillance equipment that will give you what you need. You will want to find some kind of camera that you can place out in the open without it being detected. Whether it be a clock Byron Jones Jersey , floor lamp, teddy bear some kind of mundane object, this is the direction you want to go in. Make sure the DVR will have several days of recording time.

The Setup: Think of this as a speed trap. Once you have your equipment in place and ready to go, give the suspect something to steal. If you have been losing specific items in the past Maliek Collins Jersey , why don’t you make it easy for them to steal the same thing again? However this time you will be ready with your covert video surveillance waiting to capture the event.

Once you have the video that you need, you need to make sure that you handle it in the most professional manner possible. You will need to involve the police and have everything ready BEFORE you confront the person responsible for the theft. This means that you contact the police, show them the video, let them

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