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When a person who acts as a poisonous person occasionally produces a hint of compassion, the hard-won warmth may also be touching, but this does not mean that he has abandoned evil and good, because there is a phenomenon that has penetrated the heart--the wicked The warmth will not last, and the sinisterness is still the mainstream of others. Warmth can't explain the nature of human nature. It can only prove that he is still an individual, because feelings are only the boundaries between people and beasts. Therefore, when a person is blessed by people and talks about repaying, don't assume that he is definitely a good person who knows and knows. Because of the knowledge of the newspaper, sometimes with too many dirty purposes, such people, in the end is the source of sin. They hid the hypocritical souls to the world, and they went into the coffin with a cover of hypocrisy. Even in the moment before the last breath of the throat, I must pull this coat and wrap it tightly. I feel that I don��t miss any "bad" flaws, and I can safely close my eyes and let go. In fact, this has already seen his hypocrisy, his sinister nature, such a person, sentimental and righteous, and the graciousness of the newspaper is only a prelude to the sinister Carton Of Cigarettes, hypocritical, from the evil, the inch is the main movement of life. . For example, there are such evil women who not only care for their fianc��s before marriage, but even the sinister meanings of doing things for others and treating them, can make the fianc�� think that this is really an extraordinary woman who is also a strange woman. Not bad, death is not eye-catching. But once married, things have changed: she has become stupid, jealous, selfish, greedy, and vain. Her husband has endured and tolerated to maintain the family atmosphere and overall situation, but she never thought of introspection, but instead It should be high-spirited and even worse. Over time, this pattern has surpassed the husband's ability to withstand, and eventually the family has become less peaceful, and even broken people, although it is necessary to reconcile the heart and tolerance Newport 100S. More importantly, we must abandon hypocrisy and be good at it. Lovers, people always love; respect people, people always respect. The sorcerer can die for the confidant, and the woman must be able to please the lover! I am very tolerant of you in the vastness of the river Marlboro Lights, why do you want to force me too urgent, bullying me too much? Don't be sharp, don't deceive, don't be selfish, don't prejudice, don't discriminate, don't pleasing yourself and swear, don't be lenient and savvy, don't chew on your mouth, don't swear, don't swear. I often think: If I want to be rude, then I will introspect myself: "I will not be benevolent, and I will be rude. Is this thing suitable for you?" If self-examination is benevolent, introspection is polite, but its ruling is, I will introspect myself: "I will be unfaithful." If self-examination is also loyal, and the cross-track is yes, I will say: "This is also a swearing person. So, there are always too many prejudices with the beasts. When a good person occasionally does not do something. People always struggle to succumb, and they want to let him lose his name. He will never turn over. When a wicked person happens to do a good thing, people will say that this person is still quite good. Think about it, this is called What is the truth, this is not called bullying, hard, what is this, this is the root of human nature, no wonder there is a saying: good people do not live longevity and harm to live for thousands of years, to be clear and moral, Ji Guangde (Jiekoude, Xinde, Xingde). Leave a path for yourself.
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