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LumaSlim The slower it turns out, the better you can try to start with eight seconds. Bending over, extend your arms forward and try to touch the floor. Then, while breathing in, straighten out as slowly. Repeat at least times. Tubule During the exercise, imitation of exhalation is created with resistance, as if through a straw. At the same time diaphragmatic breathing should be maintained. To press we must sit on a chair, tightly pressed his legs to the floor. Further exercise resembles a wave you need to inhale and exhale, alternately straining or relaxing your abdominal muscles. Oxidize this breathing technique is similar to the classical one, but differs in that, along with smooth breathing, there are also prebreathing and prebreathing. When it seems that the full lungs have already gathered air, after the main breath you need to take another small one and, surprisingly, it fits. And vice versa when exhaled completely, exhale a little more and it works. Exercise allows you to make up to muscle contractions in a quarter of an hour. One of these exercises exhale, and then alternately three dovidhoha, each drawing in the stomach stronger, as if squeezing out all the air out of yourself. Repeat times. You can select individual exercises the main thing is to tighten the necessary muscles. Learn more about Oksisayz technology and weight loss with its help from these video Contraindications if you have any chronic diseases, you should consult your doctor before starting training. He will not necessarily prohibit classes, but may advise which loads are dangerous and which ones are useful. Direct contraindications include internal bleeding respiratory stress can increase them, the same applies to menstruation acute thrombophlebitis exercise can lead to blockage of a vessel bronchial asthma selection of the most benign methods with the help of a doctor is allowed acute respiratory and viral diseases although improved lung ventilation is generally beneficial, with high fever and coughing, bed rest is better.



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