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Reading, not necessarily for thousands of millennium, gold house, Yan Ruyu, leaving people more to think, feeling unseen, and experience the unexperienced reading "facing the sea, spring blossoms", regaining a scent of flowers Slightly sighing and flying, life thin and red, bustling as a dream; reading "The Rejection of Peony", only to understand the cleanliness of the rich makeup, a little-known super-year, life is only a short day. Waiting for the world in the endless darkness, the meaning of life only blooms at this moment. I am lamenting that they are embarrassed, but why are we not? We are a sentimental thing shaped by the ruthless things in nature Marlboro Lights, but after a lifetime of only a hundred years, life will be turned into dust and ruthless, which is a brief moment for a long history. Is the essence of life dead? After thousands of years of squatting in the sea, the empty loess left a bustling, who remembered? If we wait for the dawn just to meet the next night, then we don't have to wake up. Living, not just to live, there are other things worth doing. Isn't endless history created by limited life? The autumn-like fashion can enrich a summer, what reason do we have to spend our time? The color of the spring is still good Marlboro Red, and it is cherished, and the imprint of the pride of life, "Hollywood Moonlight", Yin Huiqing, how many people dumped it. Some people say that although the moon is beautiful, it does not linger. However, there are many worlds, even if it is only a moment of peace, how many people have to do it? This seems to be just a kind of relaxation under pressure, but it is indeed something to remember. Some people just scorned, missed, and there is no chance anymore. Life is like a smoke, but every few months? The flower is easy to pass, and the fragrance remains. Even in the face of adversity, but always remember that night dance shadow Cigarettes For Sale, drunk lotus, you know, there are still a pool of pure beauty, Tingting in the world. It is also this hurricane cold moon, filtering out the lead, returning to the original, only spinning the thoughts into a white glass, but Cheng Cheng no matter where he is, what the situation, the book, all the way, never give up. Just open the book, let the outside safflower fly, the tide rises and falls, this moment, only enjoy the most happy time in life, look at the spring and autumn, listen to the insults, sing, between the square, I already have The whole world.
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